Sunday, October 19, 2008

Part 3: Cottonball Creepy Crawlies

I'm sure many of you remember making spider webs "the old-fashioned way", besides collecting spiders and having them do it! I'm talking about using cottonballs. Just unroll them, and gently spread the cotton out! Best thing about this decorating idea is that most of this stuff you will already have!!

1. Gather your materials: large cottonballs, 4 toothpicks for each spider, black paint, redish fingernail polish and double-sided tape.

2. Put some of the black paint on a paper plate or even a regular plate. It will wash right off (just clean it in a reasonable amount of time). Leave to dry.

3. Unroll the cotton ball.

4. Find a home for your web. Bricks work great because the cotton snags on it. If you don't have brick, use the double-sided tape to hold the web in place.

5. Break the toothpicks in half. Stick each piece in the cottonball body. Four on one side and four on the other. Using the nail polish, paint 2 eyes on the spider. Place the spider in its new home; you may need to secure it using the tape.

And there you have it! Spiders and webs. What did this cost me?? NOTHING!



Savvy Saving Momma said...

Thanks for this!! We are doing all 3 of your great ideas this afternoon!

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

I am loving your new blog. We aren't big on Halloween around here, so I can't wait to see your tips for fall/Thanksgiving decorating! I need to do a post on my blog about you. Do you mind if I use one of your pictures to advertise what you're doing? Which one would you like me to use?

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

How do you make the spider? What did I miss?