Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Wants a Clean House?

I do! If you haven't seen this show, you need to! It has inspired me to rid my home of clutter and items I don't use, will never use and need to pass along! So I started about a month ago going through all my stuff, and picking out things that I want to keep, and tossing things I don't need to keep! The items are in my yard sale piles, and once the yard sale is over, what I don't sell will be donated.

What prompted me to start stream-lining is the future arrival of a new baby! My old studio will be her room (that's right, we found out it's a girl!). So I am getting rid of things I have collected and even projects I swore I would get to, but years later, all they do is collect dust. So how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?? Well, in the long run, that is up to you, but these were the decision makers for me:

  1. Do I currently use it? If not, when is the last time I used it?
  2. For clothes: do I wear it? If not, when was the last time it was worn?? If it's been longer than a year, it's time to get rid of it! If you are keeping something in hopes of it fitting again, don't. Get rid of it, and reward yourself with a few new things once you have accomplished your goal. May not seem frugal, but once it fits again, it will probably be out of style. The only thing I *may* keep would be jeans or neutral pants.
  3. Shoes- one of my weaknesses! Pretty much the same rule as clothes.
  4. Trinkets/collections: pick your favorites. Collections can get out of hand REALLY quick, so don't let it take over! When people learn you really like collecting something, they tend to add to it as well. Then it's so much, that you start to loose the "passion" you once had for the item. TRUST me, I know!
  5. Don't be sentimental about EVERYTHING. This will certainly be difficult, but it is key to not hanging onto everything. I knew someone that kept every birthday card she ever received. Nice thought, but it really adds up! My suggestion? Keep the milestone years. For example, 1st birthday, teenager, twenty-one, forty. That is, if you REALLY need to keep some!
  6. Unless you are a gourmet chef, you don't need multiple bakeware pieces, pots, pans, different types of spatulas, etc. Minimize your needs by what you use. This goes for every room in the house!
  7. Craft projects. Oooohhhhh this is a hard one for me! But it's been so long since I refinished a piece of furniture or attempted that beaded necklace, that if I wasn't actively doing something to it, I will pass it along and let someone else try!

Now, I stockpile items. BUT, I have started to only stockpile what we will use, and immediately donate the rest, or not even buy it. Even when it's free, it's not a necessity!

So I hope this helps you reduce your clutter. Does any one have any suggestions for anyone??

*The Clean House logo is a trademark of the Clean House television series.