Monday, October 27, 2008

Let Me Push Your Buttons

...into a design masterpiece! I'm talking about those buttons you get with a new shirt or pants, attached in a little baggie. Seems mine never fall off, and when they do, I can't find them! I usually complie them in a baggie, like the one below, but I was starting to gather quite a collection! So I started thinking... just what can I do with all of those?

So this is a new series; I hope you enjoyed the last one. The designs are simple, and can be done by yourself or with the family. I also like to use things I already have so I'm not spending more! That defeats the thriftiness of it all. But I will say, something new is nice every now and then!!

Get all your buttons and spread them out, and pick a few favorites. You won't need many (the first project only requires one button!) but it will give you a better way to save all of them!!

Come back tomorrow and I'll shed some "light" on this series! That was a hint, by the way...


CalebNKylesMommy said...

Hmmm interested as to what you have in mind for this. Will be checking back.

You've been tagged!

Tosha said...

a lamp shade? I cant wait to find out!

The Consumer Queen said...

hmmm how very intresting can't wait to find out!