Friday, October 1, 2010

Procrastination Does NOT Equal Patience

I tried to do an update last week, but Blogger kept giving me errors. I'm not very far along in my progress because I've changed directions...

My husband sent me an article on International Klein Blue (IKB). Below is the powdered pigment:

He was captivated by the color and method used to create it. It's not a simple mix in a can; it's actually pigment suspended in another medium. The brilliance is quite exquisite. The reason I bring it up is because my husband's typical response to suggestions on the house is "whatever you think." So to get an interest in something like color was great! I decided to run with it.

I am still doing vintage modern. The fireplace is still getting a face lift. It will be more like Botox than re-constructive surgery. On the fireplace wall, I will paint an accent color similar to IKB since purchasing it is near impossible and expensive. Then I am painting birch branches over the top in white. Here is photo to illustrate the idea. It won't be as detailed, and I'm not painting birds on the wall either.

So far, I have spent $10 on the make over. I already had the paint for the fireplace, but I bought some peel'n'stick tile for the landing in front of the fireplace. I KNOW. Peel'n'stick??? I'll update you on that later...