Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Need to Clean

I hate to admit it, but my house is in no shape to be calling it the home of a designer. It's cluttered and looks like a Toys'R'Us blew up in it! So I am going to start cleaning, organizing and decluttering one room at a time. The room that's up first is the living room. Do I dare take a before picture?? Stay tuned...

General Mills Give Away

Head on over to The Thrifty Mama to enter an awesome give away! If you like going to the movies as much as I do, then you'll definitely want to participate.

I'm buying a lot of cereal this month because it will be cheaper to buy 2 boxes of cereal and get a free movie ticket than just buying a ticket! Date night with my husband and breakfast is included ;) The participating cereals are pictured below, but be sure to get the specially marked boxes!!

So have a look and check out some of her other great posts. You'll be addicted to the site just like me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoiding the Nursery Nightmare

As promised, here are the details of Zoie's nursery. The inspiration room is almost identical to her room size and layout. The only exception is the over nine foot ceilings we have compared to the 8 foot in the picture.

The total cost of the makeover: $120, the cost of the curtains. My mom gifted the crib and rug; the paint supplies I already had (OOPS paint and Glidden give away); the tall chest, rolling side table and chair were repurposed; and the changing chest was a gift from a friend. Of course I could have made the curtains and saved some money, but I've been there done that! So here's what you've been waiting for- a picture!

Here are the details...

First I had to clear it out and clean it up! I drew the room to scale and did a furniture layout.

Next I painted the room brown, with the exception of the wall with the colored blocks on it but including the ceiling. Don't forget the ceiling, it's the fifth wall in my world.

On the wall with the grid, I measured it and divided it out to get the number of squares I needed. I measured and marked the locations for the vertical and horizontal lines. Then I put 2 coats of white paint only where the grid was going to be. I let it dry for 24 hours. I then took 2" wide painters tape and taped off the grid. I painted white paint over the tape; this will give you that clean sharp edge and no seeping under the paint! While it dried I labeled the blocks with the each designated color. Then I painted the blocks and pulled away the tape. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's not too bad. I would definitely rather do that then make curtains!!

My mom ordered the crib and once it arrived, we put it together. I went to a kid's consignment sale and found the rug and mattress, gifted by my mom! Everything else was either a shower gift or repurposed from another area of the house. I do have a few things left to hang, but I'm waiting until I get a couple of pictures developed- FREE from a photo print club of course!

And that's it! "Instant" nursery!

So, what do you think?? I hope it's a room that will grow with her without being too girly or childish. I hope so, after painting that grid, it would be heart breaking to paint over it!

Do you have a room that you need a little help with?? If so let me know! Send an email to dimelydesign @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)

Nursery Makeover for NEXT to Nothing!

So, as I mentioned, I recently had a little girl. We turned my old studio space into her room. I came across an inspiration room and decided to go full steam ahead to create my little girl's room based on this one:

Inspiration rooms are great because if you're not sure where to start, they can give you an idea or two to expand on. And that's just what this did! Now, of course I had to change a few things, mainly the color scheme. This room could be for a little girl, but I used some of the same colors in my boys' room. The best part was I had everything I needed to get started.

Coming up, pictures of my little girl's place she calls home and how I did it all for only the cost of the curtains!

*Picture Source is from www.Parents.com

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Warm Welcome

Thank you to all my readers who have welcomed me back with open arms and warm wishes! It's nice to know that my little blog does have some viewers :)

And congratulations to those other new moms! A few have blogs as well, hop on over and take a look:

Savvy Saving Mom
Savings Makes Cents

This is a special edition post. I won't usually post anything on Sundays :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Line Up

As promised, here are the daily readings:

Makeover Monday
Mondays are for tackling those hard to design rooms, color corrections or just difficult decisions you need another opinion on! Here's how it works: email me your design delima. If it's a layout, I will need the dimensions of the room, the placement of doors and windows, and the dimensionms of the furniture you want to use; this is like a re-design. If you need a color correction such as selecting paint, upholstery on a piece or accessories email me with your question! If you're starting from scratch, I'll need room dimensions and a list of items you would like in a room; I'll actually be suggesting furniture pieces in this type of solution. The results (or "winner") will be posted on the foloowing Monday. Hey! Rome wasn't built in a day either :)

Tackle It Tuesday
My husband has band practice on Tuesday nights. Rock band, not marching band, lol. Not against marching band, I was in one in high school and college, just making the clarification! Sorry, I digress... so Tuesdays will be a great night to get some things done. That is, if all the children cooperate!

Working Wednesday
I'll be joining the Thrifty Mama on her Cook-It Wednesdays, part of her In The Kitchen series. This will be the day I'll get a few things prepared for dinners to come, but I mostly bake. So lots of cookies, muffins and cookies (oh, I said that already, lol).

Thrifty Thursday
Sales for my grocery stores start on Tuesday, so this will give me a couple of days to get my scenarios in order. I read several blogs, and hidden deals are also usually discovered, so this will keep my shopping trips to a minimum!

Finish It Friday
I know, that was a tough one to come up with! I am home all day with the kids on Friday so who knows what I'll actually get done, but I'll do my best to get us ready for the weekend.

Saturday Savings
This is in conjunction with Money Saving Moms Super Savings Saturdays and The Thrifty Mamas Shopping Superstars.

A day of rest...we all need one! Visit another one of the blogs I enjoy reading from my Blog List

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Little More Progress

I am getting everything prepared for my official kick off on Monday. And to get you prepared for what's to come, let me tell you why I started this blog...

I am a very creative person, I love solving problems and since the birth of my twins almost 2 years ago, I have lost the time and energy to BE creative. I used to paint a great deal, decorate, sew and refinish furniture. So this blog is a way to motivate me to continue to do all the things I used to do. Seems a little ironic that something that will take more of my time will hopefully get me to paint or do some other creative project... something I quit doing because I had "no time." Hmmm????

I attended a local University for design. Once I received my degree, I landed a job at the only contemporary store in my area. I LOVED it! The furniture and design I was most passionette about was all in one place, and it was keeping my creative side alive. Then slowly, I lost my fire and started to get up, go to work, go home, sleep. It's not as exciting as it used to be, and I have fallen dormant to my creative side. I am lost in this retail nightmare- I only sell now, no design work anymore. But it has a positive side, too. I was promoted to manager and now I attend furniture markets. How exciting! But I still long for that need to MAKE something.

With the addition of a family, we needed to tighten our belts. So I have started to frugally decorate our home and provide for our family. Hence the name of this blog: Dimely Design. Good design doesn't have to cost much, you just need a little time, work and inspiration! So this site will focus more on designing and decorating. I will occassionaly post a few deals, but mostly to make your house a home.

Stay tuned for the weekly line up! It's an extensive description of what's to come...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Layout

As you can see, I have a new layout. I love the vintage, retro look, and this seemed to fit in perfectly. When I left you, I talked about decluttering. Well, I did that, and somehow, things have gotten out of hand again! I have a terrible habit of making little piles here and there, with the intention of putting things away, but seem to never get back to it! Well, that is going to end. My husband and I have decided to simplify, and I am going to do just that!

I will be starting a new little mini series to get my life and home into order. I can only do these things in the evening, once I am home from work, and when I have very little energy left. But seeing my home the way it is, just seems to make me tired as well! So join me every Thursdays for "Tackle It Thursday!" I selected Thursdays because I have Fridays off. So things I don't complete on Thursday, I can tie up on Friday.

Stay tuned for my complete list of daily posts!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Back! I Think...

One of my favorite bloggers told me if blogging feels like work, then to take a break. So I did. Of course I also needed a break to have our little girl! She is 8 weeks old now. It's so hard to believe, but we are starting to get settled into a routine.

I have started baking again, and hope to participate in Cook It Wednesday on The Thrifty Mama's site. I started a little early on Tuesday night because my husband had band practice. I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins I found HERE the same recipe Money Saving Mom uses. She's actually the one that got me interested in them! I also made some lactation cookies for me! Of course, my whole families loves them, so they don't last very long. You can find the recipe HERE. I make them with and without chocolate chips. I also use mini chips so I can use half the amount of chips. The "dosage" is 4 cookies per day, and at the rate I actually eat them, I should be making gallons of milk! Sorry, I hope that wasn't TMI!

I will be posting less often than my fellow bloggers, but working full time outside my home, dealing with twin toddlers and a newborn is keeping me plenty busy!

So stay tuned...I'll be posting about what this site is all about!