Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween on Almost a Dime: Part 1, Frugal Phantoms

Well, with Halloween quickly approaching, I am running out of time to decorate, my favorite part!! And with 2 babies, I ran out of money a long time ago!! So here are a few, family friendly ideas for Halloween. I'll start with one idea today, and give 2 more, one on Saturday, the final on Sunday. By Monday, you'll be ready for Halloween!

So what do you do with all those plastic shopping bags you get after unloading your groceries? Well, if your local grocery store doesn't take them to recycle, offer you a discount for using your own (mine just started!!) and you don't have a dog (these make great bags to pick up doggie "mines" when walking in the neighborhood), use them to decorate for Halloween!!

Grocery Bag Ghosts
You can really use any bag, but your children will probably stress to use white ones. They are ghosts, you know!! The bags in my area that are white are Target, Kmart, CVS and Walmart.
1. Take one of the bags and lay it flat. Cut off the handles at the edge of the opening on the bag.
Save one of the to tie around the neck. The other will be part of the stuffing.

2. Cut the bag along the seams to make 2 pieces. (I didn't cut my handles off on this one, but do it as mentioned in step 1).

3. Wad the piece with the print up into a ball, trying to hide the print "inside" the wad. You will be able to see some of it, but not much. Put this in the middle of the other bag. Lay the bag over the ball, cinch at he bottom of the ball and tie one of the handles around it to hold in place.

4. With a permanent marker, draw on eyes and a mouth if you want one! Then, using fishing line or even dental floss (that you got FREE from CVS, lol), tie it to a tree limb or hang from your house. It won't take much string, only about 12".

Waterproof AND you could save them for next year!! They look great when you have several im a tree. Best thing is, you could make DOZENS of them, and it hasn't cost you anything!! BOO!

Stay tuned for the next thrifty tip on Saturday!


Savvy Saving Momma said...

Very Cute! I was looking for something to do with the kids tomorrow. Thanks!

alanajo said...

Cute! I use to do these when I was small.

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Awesome! Are you going to do a new one every day?

Lisa said...

I am going to do a Halloween idea for everyday.- SO, stay tuned!!!

The Frugal 5 said...

This is simple why hadnt i thought of that. My kids will love doing this.

CalebNKylesMommy said...

I remember making these when I was younger and had forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me ds#1 will love making these. Will be checking back to see what other spook-tacular ideas you have.