Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frugal Friday turns into Saturday of Savings

This is my first post of one of my late night shopping runs. I go once the boys are in bed so I can go alone, without distractions and it gives me some "me" time. I know a lot of you understand that even grocery shopping is a break we look forward to!

The reason my Frugal Friday turned into a Saturday of Savings is because I started late Friday night and didn't finish until 1 a.m.!! My husband woke up enough to help me carry in my haul, I know, that was so sweet of him!! He didn't get the full impact of it all until I told him this morning how much I spent. "WHAT??!! That's great!" So, how much was all of this?? Only $16.38. Just check out the details below...

4 Gold Bond Powder, travel size .97 each
Parent's Choice Puffs $1.59
3 Gillette Shampoo + Body Wash $2 each
Well Patch Single .97 (should have saved the Q for CVS!!)
Coke (not pictured because I was thirsty)
Annie's fresh Baked giant Pretzel FREE because they were about to close and the girl just gave it to me. (Not pictured because I got hungry, was the reason I got thristy)
Total after coupons: $3.43
I will never go to Kroger for a large shopping run after 10 p.m. anymore.
Only the Uscan is open!! I also have misplaced my reciept, so this is from memory. No individual prices, just my total OOP at the end.
1st Transaction:
8 Glade Oil Warmers $4.49 ea, BOGO Qs, used $4 cats so nothing OOP
2nd Transaction:
Eggland's Best Eggs
6 Betty Crocker Potatoes
Huggies Dipes
Pampers Wipes
2 Dole Salad
3 Bolthouse farms Juice LARGE ($1.99 ea)
3 Pure Naked Juice, single serving (.99 ea)
Fresh Mushrooms
2 Success Boil in Bag Brown Rice
Immune Boost by Emergen-C (on clearance)
Land-o-lakes Spreadable butter
Kroger Butter
2 Shredded Cheese
Cream Cheese
2 Buddie Bras
J & J Baby Oil
24 Jars Beechnut Babyfood (not pictured, ran out of room)
Total after coupons: $16.xx (where's my receipt??)
I actually drive to another state to shop CVS! It's only 10 minutes away, and it is so worth it for the Extra Bucks and cheaper tax rate!!!
1st Transaction:
Benefiber 32 servings
Benefiber 48 servings
$0 OOP after ECBs & Gifcard
Earned 10 ECBs
2nd Transaction:
Well Patch $5.99
Lady Speedstick $1.99
Listerine (clearanced .50 ea)
CVS Papertowels $1.99
I received $1 off the deo, papertowels and Listerine from the coupon scanner so both were free after coupon and ECBs. I'll be taking the Well Patch back because it was the wrong one for ECBs. Also, the $1 Q for the papertowels actually took off $2!!
$0 OOP after ECBs and Giftcard
3rd Tranaction:
2 Playskool Diapers
I received $4/$20 Playskool purchase from the coupon scanner. I also had $2 off playskool Dipes. i don't think I was supposed to use them together because the cupon beeped when she scanned them, but she entered them manually. Yay!
$0 OOP after coupons, ECBs and giftcard
Glade Flameless Candle $5.99
2 SoBe Life Water
4 Glade Candle Oil refill
$0 OOP after coupons and Giftcard
AND I have $1 ECB for CVS, since I messed up the Well Patch (I'll get $5.99 for it when I return them), $12 Register Rewards for Walgreens and $4 in rebates coming for this month!!!
I am thrilled. So how on earth did I do all of this?? Well, I'll tell you that next week. I'll give you the scoop on my favorite sites to follow for big savings.


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