Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to Get Real

I have been away, again. I had another baby, again. But that's good news! I am sitting here doing nothing. Well, almost. And the list begins.

I feel lazy.
My house is not how I want it. I don't know how I want it.
I want to paint the living room.
I want to rearrange the living room.
I need to redo the horrid paint job on our fireplace. Can you say fleck stone?
I need to add more cabinets in the kitchen.
I need to finish painting the trim upstairs.
I need to catch the mouse upstairs (EEEEEEEEK!)
I have piles here and there, and it's not laundry.
I need to lose a little more weight.
I need to exercise.
I need to find some energy...

So, this is it, my accountability list. Although I don't have many followers (thank you to those that do follow!), I am asking you to check in with my progress, and encourage me :)

And what do you get/ hopefully some ideas for your home, some answers and some encouragement, too!

I'm a starving artist. Not for money, but for inspiration. My husband is wonderful at encouraging me. So I need to step up, and get going!

Stay tuned. I'll be keeping it real by photographing my home. That way you can see what I'm up against, how I am going to tackle it, and the outcome. We can do this together!!!!!!!!!

Thank you :)

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