Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Quick Kroger Run

I made it to Kroger this morning for a few things:

Bag of Disney Apples (smaller, but oh so juicy and crisp!)
2 Blocks of Cheese
8 Pack DanActive

I paid 57 cents for all of that!!! The apples rang up $2.49 instead of 2/$3, so I got those FREE due to the Scan Right Guarantee. The cheese was BOGO and the DanActive was marked to $1.25. I had a $1.25 coupon for the DanActive. THEN at the You Scan register, I noticed several Cats behind the machine... I grabbed them, and guess what?! There were 2 $1.50 OYNO Cats!!

On my way to work, I noticed the new car wash had just opened, and they were giving away FREE car washes! Did I stop? You bet I did! And the vacuums there are free anyway, so now my car is spotless.

It's been a blessed day.

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