Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kroger Loves Me

I went to Kroger yesterday with the intention of being lucky enough to find some marked down meat. The meat is fine, just close to it's sell by date. I found a few things, but it was the other markdowns that really got me!! Now, I spent a little more than usual, but I got so much that will last a long time! Here's the run down from 2 transactions:

4 Community Coffee $4.99 ea

8 Fruit Rollups $1.69 ea (I could eat the whole box in a day, okay, an hour- SERIOUSLY)

2 Grands Biscuits $1.27 ea

1 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $1.79 (not on sale, but I'm pregnant!)

1 Kroger Tortillas $1.29

14 Tropicana Pure Orange Juice .99 ea (Manager's Special- AWESOME!)

6 Whole Milk, half gallons .99 ea (Manager's Special!)

4 2% Milk, half gallons .99 ea (Manager's Special!)

1 Eggland Eggs $2.52

1 Danactive Yogurt, 14 pack $1.99 (Another Manager's Special)

1 Kroger Sour Cream .99

1 Lettuce $1.29

3 Sanderson 100% Natural Chicken, $3.61 ea

2 Whole Chickens $2.75 ea

1 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat $6.29 (Free after Kroger Loyalty Coupon)

1 Carrots $1.99

6 Loaves of Lewis Whole Wheat Bread $1.79 ea

4 Tunas .72 ea

Bananas $1.16

Kroger Diapers $3.99 (After Kroger printable)

I froze the excess O.J. and milk. And what about my coupons? I am not going to list all the coupons, but here are the best from what I used:

  • $1.00/2 Tropicana Pure Juices (That means I got them BOGO!)

  • .50 Fruit Rollups (Doubled to $1) This was actually a Money Maker because if you buy 5, then you get a $3.50 Cat OYNO.

  • .50 off Lewis Bread (doubled to $1)

  • $2 Community Coffee (coffee for only $2.99!!)

  • .40 off 2 Grands Biscuits

  • $3 off for getting 10 of select items- included was the Fruit Rollups and Grands. So that's .30 off each item, the Grands were .57 after discount and coupons, the Rollups were .39 per box!! THEN I got the $3.50 cat. I spent $3.12 on the rollups, so I made .38! Almost a free box! YAY!

  • $3.50 cat from Rollups deal

TOTAL after coupons: $44.10!!!!!!!!! My total was $85.55, but I had a gift card, so I didn't count that as part of my total. One of my coffee coupons didn't scan, and the cashier huffed when I said something. SHE noticed a rollup coupon didn't scan. She tried again, but it still didn't. What did she do? Nothing! So I went back to Kroger that night (2nd transaction), went up to CS, explained the situation and that also 2 of my O.J.'s rang at regular price. Since I am in there ALL THE TIME, really, I am, they went ahead and refunded me the coupon amounts (usually you are out of luck) and the full amount of the O.J. I included the refund in my total.

SO, there it is! My great Kroger run! I am trying to prepare for the new arrival, so getting deals like this is definitely going to help!

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