Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday on a Budget!

My twins are turning one next Saturday, December 19th. That's actually my birthday, too, but I think my thunder may be stolen, lol. That's okay because I've had thirty-one of them on my own!
Since it's holiday season, money will definitely be tight. And since I'm going to try to be thrifty, I've decided to give you an inside look on my birthday planning. I would like to get this party for two, um three, done for less than $75, including invites, snacks, cake and gifts. I'll be using items from my stockpile and stored up craft items. Let's see how I do!!


alanajo said...

Happy Birthday to all of you.

Honestly, I think 'themes' are a waste. I use to go all out and buy everything within a theme. Now I just buy a table cloth that matches what the boys are into let it go. No one cares about the theme, they just care about the kiddos/food/presents. lol.

This past year my SIL did my boys cakes, for free of course, but before that I always baked the boys cakes myself and decorated them with a toy/toys that they had already and loved. (Run through the dishwasher a couple times first).

We do small parties, just close family and friends. Since the boys bdays are close together we do joint parties and it saves a load. Their bdays are July/August so we normally do a cookout. Pretty cheap. Hotdogs, baked beans, chips, dip, cake, ice cream, etc. Nothing too fancy.

Cant wait to see how you do the party on the cheap.

Tosha said...

Happy birthday to you and your boys! My Son will be turning 1 on the 28th. I will make his cake and get some icecream from the store. Since he wont remember or even get what is going on we will only have my mom and siblings over. I was stupid on my dd first bday and went all out.She ended up hanging out alone with me because she was so frustrated with all the going ons around us.

Lisa said...

I agree with all of the above. The 1st birthday is a big deal, but don't go crazy!! I'm going to try to make their cake...we'll see!